iOS 7 Problems Plaguing iPhone & iPad Users

While only one major iOS 7 bug has been discovered thus far, a bug that prompted Apple to quickly push out an iOS 7.0.2 update, there are a host of minor issues that iPhone and iPad owners using iOS 7 are complaining about including issues with battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity, their Bluetooth connection and more.

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners had to wait several months to get it, but iOS 7 finally arrived last week to replace the previous version of iOS, iOS 6. The update, which Apple promised was the biggest update to iOS since the arrival of the original iPhone, was released on September 18th and iPhone and iPad owners quickly moved to update their phone with the operating system’s new look and its new features including AirDrop.

Of course, things didn’t go as smoothly as many had hoped as the iOS 7 release date was marred by a number of download errors which prevented many users from completing the iOS 7 download. Once the download was complete though, users stumbled into a brand new iOS experience, one that is unfortunately causing problems for many iPhone and iPad users.

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Better ioS 7 battery life

Once the iOS 7 release date smoke cleared, there was one major issue that was discovered lurking in the new software, a security flaw that the company took care of in a new iOS update, iOS 7.0.2, which arrived yesterday for Apple’s mobile users. However, that isn’t the only iOS 7 problem plaguing owners who made the jump from iOS 6 to iOS 7. In fact, Apple’s discussion boards are rife with complaints from iOS 7 users, many of whom want to go back to the previous version of Apple’s software.

Issues do not seem to be limited to just iPhone owners. iPad owners, who own everything from the iPad 4 to the iPad mini are complaining about problems they are having with Apple’s new software. Chief among those complaints are the usual suspects, Wi-Fi and battery life issues that often arise after a major iOS update.

iOS 7.0.2 Battery Life Issues & More

Battery issues with iOS 7 seem to be prominent though they don’t appear to have any centralized issue like the one that we saw arise with the iOS 6.1 Exchange bug.

Instead, it appears that users are seeing random battery drain with their iPads and iPhones, something that many of them say wasn’t happening when iOS 6 was installed. In frustration, many owners have lobbed complaints at Apple, though, users shouldn’t expect a bug fix update from Apple that addresses the battery life problems that users are having.

Unless there is a major, singled out issue, Apple won’t work quickly to fix the issues. We could see future updates bring some relief, but even then, the fix may not be advertised.

In the meantime, there are some battery life fixes that iPhone and iPad owners can try in an attempt to gain stable battery life. If all else fails, a hard reset may be in order.

Change wallpaper iOS 7

Throughout iOS 6’s life time, we heard quite a bit about Wi-Fi issues that users of both the iPhone and iPad were having. And it appears that iOS 7 has delivered similar Wi-Fi issues along with it. Users are once again complaining about lost connections and the inability to use Wi-Fi at all. Like the battery life, this likely won’t be an issue that Apple addresses and it will be one that users need to solve on their own.

iPad and iPhone owners are also complaining about their Bluetooth connections, crashes in Safari, crashing when switching from app to app, and the same lag issues that we’ve brought up in our iOS 7 reviews. These are just a small sample. There are plenty of other complaints, many of them minor, on the Apple discussion forum.

We’ve also heard from several iPhone 4s owners who have been complaining about a drop in phone call quality since making the upgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 7.

Many iPhone and iPad owners are looking for a way to downgrade to iOS 6 but unfortunately, that loophole has been closed and there is no way to get the older software on board, once iOS 7 is installed.

Apple has already pushed out two updates faster than we’ve seen in years past, so perhaps fixes for at least some of these issues will arrive in the near future. In the interim, however, users will need to look for their fixes elsewhere.