Errors Start Ahead of iOS 7 Release

Apple is likely just minutes away from the iOS 7 release but already, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners have run into an issue already as the App Store is spitting out a Can’t Connect to iTunes error ahead of the iOS 7 upgrade.

Update: iOS 7 Software Update Failed Errors Frustrate Users

With the iOS 7 release at hand, users are working to make sure their devices are primed and ready for the upgrade from iOS 6. One of the things we have recommended that iPhone and iPad users do is update their applications to the newest version to ensure functionality after upgrading to iOS 7. Problem is, those trying to update those applications have been coming across a “Can’t Connect to iTunes” error, even with a stable connection.

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The iOS 7 GM download lets anyone with a supported device install IOS 7 early.

Make a back up before installing iOS 7.

We ran into the same issue on both the iPhone and the iPad this morning, both of which were running on a stable Wi-Fi network. When trying to update applications, the App Store spit out a “Can’t Connect to iTunes” error, forcing us to hit OK and try again. And so, we tried again, several times and finally, we got the applications to update.

This could be a sign that Apple’s servers are getting hammered by iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners who are downloading and installing software ahead of the iOS 7 release date. In the past, we’ve seen Apple’s servers produce errors for those upgrading and it’s possible that we could see even more issues sprout up once the software arrives.

Users checking for the iTunes 11.1 update won't find one and the manual download isn't working for some.

Users checking for the iTunes 11.1 update won’t find one and the manual download isn’t working for some.

Adding to the problem is the fact that many users aren’t seeing the iTunes 11.1 update in iTunes, even though it is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners to download. Again, this is an update that users will need to download before installing iOS 7 via computer. Those who are trying to download it manually on the web or in the Mac App Store simply cannot get the download to start, something is likely due to the sheer amount of users trying to obtain it.

The iOS 6 upgrade process was a smooth one but already, we’re seeing the iOS 7 upgrade process off to a bit of a rocky start with users encountering several minor but pesky errors.