iOS 8 Problems Plague Users

Yesterday, Apple released its iOS 8 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, ushering in a new era of its mobile operating system. And while the update delivers a ton of new features, iPhone and iPad users say that it also delivered a number of iOS 8 problems as well.

On September 9th, Apple announced that it would be taking the iOS 8 update out of the beta program and that it would be delivering the update to the public on September 17th. Right on cue, Apple made the iOS 8 update available to iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina Display, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini, and iPod touch fifth-gen users.

iOS 8 is not as ambitious as last year’s iOS 7 update but it’s a large update nonetheless. Apple’s new software for iPhone and iPad comes with a number of new features including improvements to Photos, iMessaging, FaceTime Audio, calendar, accessibility, and more. The iOS 8 update delivers well over 100 new features to iPhone and iPad users.

In addition to these features, it appears that the iOS 8 update has delivered a number of issues as well. iPhone and iPad users are complaining about a number of iOS 8 issues though the start of iOS 8 problems can be traced back to yesterday and the minutes and hours after Apple first released the iOS 8 update to the public.

After the iOS 8 update, "Why is my iPhone slow?" is a common question.

After the iOS 8 update, “Why is my iPhone slow?” is a common question.

Shortly after the arrival of the iOS 8 update, iPhone and iPad users in the United States and around the world ran into an assortment of installation issues that prevented them from installing the iOS 8 update in a timely manner. Long download times, storage issues, and failed updates were among the most common iOS 8 problems that emerged in the seconds after iOS 8 first arrived.

Those problems continue to plague iPhone and iPad owners 24 hours after the iOS 8 release date though unlike many of these initial iOS 8 issues, the installation issues can be solved right now. (Those links above will take you to proper fixes.)

Those iOS 8 issues have now been joined by several others as more and more iPhone and iPad users install Apple’s brand new upgrade. Apple’s discussion forums are littered with complaints about iOS 8 and the supposed problems that the update has delivered to iPhone and iPad users of all shapes and sizes.

iPad Pro

iPad users are evidently dealing with a myriad of issues after installing iOS 8. And while we’re hearing and seeing a lot of complaints from users with older devices, these problems aren’t limited to owners of the iPad 2 or the iPad 3. iPad mini with Retina users are complaining about bad Wi-Fi. iPad mini users are saying that the experience is incredibly slow after installing iOS 8. And iPad Air users are saying that Safari is extremely slow after installing Apple’s new update. Those are just the tip of the iceberg.

iPad 2 users are complaining about an assortment of performance issues after the iOS 8 upgrade. iPad 3 users have run into similar issues and they say that the performance after installing iOS 8 has taken a hit. Apple’s forums are filled with complaints like these. iPad users are having issues with sound, problems with multitasking gestures, FaceTime issues, and more.

The iOS 8 performance is good on the iPhone 5s.

The iOS 8 performance is good on the iPhone 5s.

iPhone users are dealing with iOS 8 problems as well. And just like the iPad update, the iOS 8 update is being unkind to all kinds of iPhone users, not just those with the iPhone 4s.

iPhone 5 users are complaining about a number of problems after installing iOS 8. It appears that some iPhone 5 users are dealing with poor performance after installing the new software and we’ve spoken to one iPhone 5 user who claims that the Mail app keeps crashing and that he’s seeing random reboots after the upgrade. Random reboots were a huge problem in iOS 7 though Apple seemed to have patched up those memory leaks with iOS 7.1. Not all iPhone 5 users are dealing with issues, however.

iPhone users are also complaining about Wi-Fi issues, a number of problems with the new Family Sharing feature, more Wi-Fi issues, and we’ve heard from iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 users that claim to have abnormal battery drain after the update. Wi-Fi issues and battery life issues are the most common problems after a major iOS update.

We’re also seeing complaints about Bluetooth connectivity, messaging problems, general sluggishness, and a whole lot more. Fixes for many of these issues are hard to come by at the moment. iOS 8 is still very fresh and we’ve only had about 24 hours to digest all of these issues and problems affecting iPhone and iPad users.

Those who are dealing with issues should, for now, consult Apple’s discussion forums or another popular forum, investigate these iOS battery life tips and take a look at some of these fixes for common iOS problems after an update. If none of these fixes work, it might be worth backing up the iPhone or iPad and performing a fresh install.

Apple doesn’t announce incremental bug fix updates ahead of time though the company will almost certainly deliver an iOS 8.0.1 update with bug fixes on board in the future. Historically, bug fix updates have rolled out just days after an update’s initial release.