iOS 9.2 Release: 5 Things to Expect & 4 Things Not To

The iOS 9.2 update is confirmed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch but we still don’t have an official release date. Thanks to the beta and some credible details, we do have some idea about what we can expect from the iOS 9.2 release.

Apple’s iOS 9.2 update was confirmed a week after the release of iOS 9.1. iOS 9.1 is Apple’s current version of iOS 9 and it represents the first milestone upgrade for the company’s new iOS 9 operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Its new update, iOS 9.2, is expected to be the second milestone upgrade for iOS users. We don’t expect it to have another 150 emoji characters for the iOS 9 keyboard but we do expect it to be loaded up with some new features, enhancements and fixes for lingering iOS 9 problems.

iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 6 Plus iOS 9.1 Update - 5

While we know quite a bit about iOS 9.2, there are also some things that we don’t know. Namely, the iOS 9.2 release date and release time. There are also a few other things that we think need to be on your radar as we approach the unconfirmed iOS 9.2 release.

Today, we want to take an updated look at a few things to expect from the update and the unannounced iOS 9.2 release. Here are a few things you should, and shouldn’t expect, from the iOS 9.2 update ahead of its arrival.

Now, a look into our crystal ball.

Don't Expect An Early iOS 9.2 Release Date

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Don't Expect An Early iOS 9.2 Release Date

Anything could happen but don't count on hearing about the iOS 9.2 release date before the iOS 9.2 release date.

Unless the company decides to shake things up, you'll probably find out about the iOS 9.2 release on the iOS 9.2 release date itself. The company only announces iOS release dates during launch events for new hardware. 

Apple won't host another launch event before the end of the year so unless it's going to draw out the iOS 9.2 beta until early 2016, there's no reason to expect an early release date announcement.

The iOS 9.2 release could come at any time so keep your eyes peeled.

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