iOS App Chirp Makes Some Noise While Moving Pictures Between Devices

Yesterday Troy put up a post about one way to share photos between an iPad and and iPhone, using the “beaming” feature in iPhoto. There are others, Bump being an example. And here’s another method that might strike you as a bit of a curiosity. That said, it works as advertised.

Chirp is an iOS App (iPhone and iPod Touch, but it will work on an iPad) that allows you to transfer photos, notes, and linksĀ  between devices over the air. The transfer takes place using sound. You choose your photo, and if your recipient is running Chirp, you hit the button. You’ll hear a “chirp” of sound and you’ve shared the content.

IMG_1957Like I said, it seems like a curiosity, but it is certainly an interesting one provided you and your recipients are both running the App. I heard about this on MacBreak Weekly, and the hosts proceeded to send out a “chrip” in their podcast. If you have the App installed you got the picture they were sending. If you’re in a group or crowd setting this can be obviously and quick way to share a photo.

Imagine this in a concert setting. The band on stage takes a picture of the crowd. Holds the iOS device up to the microphone and “chirps” the picture to the masses.

Well, anyway, if you’re not into “beaming” or “bumping” and you don’t mind making a little noise, you can check out Chirp here. The App is free.