iPad 2 Online Shipping Times Drop to 1-2 Weeks in U.S.

Apple has dropped the shipping delays of its iPad 2 to the lowest point that it has been since the device launched last month. Stock issues had shipping times as high as 4-5 weeks and it appears that Apple has solved them as the device is now listed as shipping in 1-2 weeks in the U.S.

iPad 2

When the iPad 2 launched on March 11th, the iPad 2 has seen overwhelming amounts of demand, demand that left Apple with short supply. The iPad 2 was and is still hard to find in retail stores and shipping times online have bounced around.

At their highest point, they were at 4-5 weeks and before today were at 2-3 weeks, a drop that came after Apple apparently secured a deal with a third major supplier of LCD screens for the iPad 2.

Shipping times have dropped across the board with both the Wi-Fi only and 3G models seeing a drop to 1-2 weeks.

This news come shortly after a report indicated that production of the iPhone 5 would begin in July or August with shipping coming at some point in September.

(Via 9to5Mac)