iPad 2: Steven Colbert’s Take on Apple’s Latest Tablet

Steven Colbert made fun of the iPad 2 on last night’s program. Colbert is a card-carrying fan, but he thinks the excitement over the iPad 2 is a bit overblown.

Here’s his take on what he calls the “disturbing images” in the news last week that I’m trying to ignore..that cannot be unseen.

Colbert quite humorously makes fun of fanboys that are geeking out over the iPad 2’s specs. As I’ve mentioned before, specs don’t matter to most people and most consumers have no clue what the specs even mean. Regarding the iPad 2’s new processor, Colbert says “That means it cannot run Flash nine times faster.”

I’m looking forward to the iPad 2, but it’s important to remember that the iPad 2 is a revision of the original iPad, not an entirely new device. If the device meets your needs, there’s no reason to rush out to be first in line for the iPad 2.

Colbert made a splash at the Grammy’s last year when he pulled the original iPad out of his coat pocket.
Even though Colbert is making fun of all the excitement over the iPad 2, I’m willing to bet that the next time he shows off an iPad on his show it’s going to be a new one.