iPad 2 Vs. Windows 8 Tablet: 11 Minute Showdown [Video]

The iPad 2 is the tablet to beat, and while Android is having a difficult time doing this, Microsoft is hoping that next year Windows 8 tablet swill take back the Tablet space and give the iPad some competition.

This week Microsoft made an early build of Windows 8 available to the public, and now we can see how the iPad 2 compares to a tablet running Windows 8.

ipad 2 vs. Windows 8

ipad 2 vs. Windows 8

WinRumors shot an 11 minute head to head video showing off iOS 5 vs. Windows 8 on a tablet. The head to head video covers many aspects of the devices including;

  • lock screens
  • icons and movement
  • customization
  • browsers (Safari vs. IE 10)
  • keyboard head to head
  • settings and control panel
  • built in search

If you want Windows 8, you can get your copy now to test out for free. If you have a spare tablet around, you can get a good look at how it compares to the iPad and the overall use of Windows 8. This is a developer preview, so there will be some issues, but you’ll be able to get a good look at the how Windows 8 handles.

iPad 2 with iOS 5 vs. Windows 8 Tablet Video