iPad 2: What Would Prompt You to Upgrade from the Original iPad?

Apple’s iPad has been incredibly successful and there are now millions of proud iPad owners out there. A good chunk of those iPad owners are completely satisfied with their iPads and won’t upgrade any time soon, regardless of how great the iPad 2 may be. A smaller portion of iPad owners will dump the original iPad in favor of the iPad 2 the second they get the chance, almost no matter what’s ¬†introduced next week. I think the largest segment of iPad owners will just wait and see. Apple will have to really knock their socks off in order to get them to plunk down another $499 or more for the iPad 2.

If Apple expects the masses to migrate to the iPad 2 I think the company’s going to have to go beyond some of the speculated features. Sure, a bigger speaker and higher res display would be nice, but it probably won’t be enough to get average joe iPad user to go through the hassles and expense of upgrading to the iPad 2.

I’m planning on upgrading to the iPad 2 no matter what (within reason), but I don’t think a lot of my friends and family will be doing so.

What kind of features and specs Apple have to announce to get you to upgrade to the iPad 2?