iPad 3 Pre-Order Button is Live, Apple Store Still Down

Apple loves to tease us. Pre-orders for the new iPad begin today and will ship on March 16th. Apple’s online storefront usually goes down in the hours before an announcement so they can prepare for new devices and such. Then, after the announcement, the waiting begins…

Just after the announcement new content went up at Apple.com/ipad as well as a button that says Pre-Order Now. But, when you click it, you either get a server error, a Can’t Load The Page message from your browser, or the We’ll Be Back Soon page that’s been up since this morning.

Come on, Apple, we want our “resolutionary” tablet, already!

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Apple didn’t give a time for when pre-orders would begin, but since everyone is slamming the server right now trying to see if they can buy the iPad 3 it may be a while.

When you can actually buy the new iPad, it’s available for the same prices as the iPad 2 when it launched. Wi-Fi only versions start at $499 for 16GB. And don’t forget that 4G LTE versions now replace the 3G only ones and have mobile hotspot capability. Sweet.

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We definitely suggest that you pre-order the new iPad today since it’s likely to be out of stock for many weeks (if the iPad 2 launch is any indication). Keep hitting those refresh buttons…