iPad 5-in-1 Connection Kit Available with Ports to Spare

USB Fever and their new 5-in-1 Connection Kit for iPad is solving a problem for Apple iPad users. With Apple unwilling to put USB or SD card connectors in the iPad, we have adapters. Apple has one for USB, SD, VGA and now HDMI. But who wants a bunch of dongles? With Fever you actually have ports to spare.

USB Fever 5-in-1 Connection Kit for iPad

USB Fever's 5-in-1 Connection Kit for iPad

The adapter is intended to replace Apple’s two adapters in their iPad Camera Connection Kit. Apple’s kit only comes with a single USB adapter and an SD card adapter for $29. The USB Fever dongle has more but also costs 50% more at $44.99. But look at all that it does.

5-in-in connection kit dock connector

  • USB and mini-USB for hooking up a camera, headset, external mic, sync or charging cable
  • SD and micro-SD card slots for importing video/pictures
  • Jack for AV-cables so you can send an analog signal to an external display (low res composite video – i.e. the red/white/yellow connector)

All of these ports will allow you to hook up your iPad to a TV while charging it. You can import photos or videos via SD or USB. You can charge and sync while importing video and pictures. You cannot hook up a USB camera while the iPad is connected to an SD card or an external display. So only the charging feature can be used while another device is connected via the adapter. And only iOS 4.1 or higher devices are supported.

5-in-1 Connection Kit illustration

Another company has a 3-in-1 adapter that includes ports for USB, SD and micro-SD. Do we dare hope to see a 6-in-1 adapter that adds HDMI?

Source: TUAW