iPad Air Bug: iPhone 5s Twitter Sharing Bug Now Affecting iPad Air

Last weekend I posted about a bug I discovered on the new iPhone 5s. Well, I wasn’t quite sure if it was an iOS 7 bug or an iPhone 5s bug. Today, I know it isn’t just and iPhone 5s bug as the same bug can now be replicated on the new iPad Air. Or at least, my new iPad Air. So, there is now at least one iPad Air bug.

The bug centers on using the iOS share sheet to share a link or photo to Twitter. Select a picture, hit the Share button, select Twitter, and theoretically off the photo or link goes to Twitter. Well, that was working under iOS 7 on an iPhone 5, an iPad 4, and an iPad mini. In my testing it is not working with the iPhone 5s or the new iPad Air. The process is still working as designed on both the iPad 4 and the iPad mini. And sharing to other services work on all devices.

The iOS 7 Share Sheet as presented in the Photos App

The iOS 7 Share Sheet as presented in the Photos App

After journeying to the Apple Store for a Genius appointment last week, the Genius noted that this was probably a firmware issue related to the iPhone 5s and that there was some talk about it among those who work to solve these problems. He suggested to look for a fix in the next iOS update.

Of course last weekend, there were no iPad Air’s available to know if the bug would replicate itself on that system or not. Given that the iPad Air and the iPhone 5s share many of the same internals, one possible path of speculation is that this possibly has something to with iOS 7 and the firmware on both devices.

Another interesting observation in this bug hunt happened this week. Twitter pushed out an update to its iOS 7 App. After doing the update, I tried to share a photo from the Photos App. Lo and behold, it worked. I tried again, this time attempting to add a location to the tweet and nothing happened. No location came up and after hitting cancel to send the tweet, it did not go through. Perhaps I should have left well enough alone. The next attempt, I turned off Location Settings for Twitter, and the photo went through. Not a bad workaround, I thought. But it turns out that was only temporary. The same behavior exists again on the iPhone 5s after no changes of note being made to the system.

Of course I thought I would try this out on the iPad Air. In setting up the iPad Air as a new iPad, I logged into Twitter via settings and downloaded the Twitter App. I gave it a try and no go. I’ve gone through the steps others have taken and had some success, and that I took with the iPhone 5s, but have had none here so far.

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So, the bug isn’t fixed. The new hardware on both the iPad and iPhone lines have this problem. Again, this is really a first world problem, but when something doesn’t work the way it is supposed to, it is annoying. And keep in mind that others do not see this bug. It will be interesting to see if it materializes on the new iPad mini with Retina when it arrives.