iPad= I don’t: Why I don’t want an Apple Tablet?

anti-apple-logo2So, yesterday was THE day.  The all-powerful Steve Jobs delivered his latest creation unto the masses.  All hail Jobs and his tablet, the iPad.

Well, I have had time to digest everything.  I read all the blogs.  I spoke to friends in the tech industry as well as just friends and family.  I meditated on the subject. And well, I think I have come up with my thoughts on the iPad.

Very simply….I DON’T. I don’t want an iPad. Take that Steve!

I was NOT impressed by the iPad.  I really wasn’t.  After all the hype and speculation, I was really expecting something earth changing, something that would change how I use computing on the daily basis, something that would make me start an iPad saving account.  I didn’t get that.

Here are my thoughts in no particular order as I saw the keynote yesterday:

  1. Its an overgrown iPod Touch. I have one of these already so why do I need another one.
  2. Its a toy.  Its a fun shiny toy, but its a toy. A TV/DVD/MP3/e-reader/toy.
  3. Why do I need one?  I have an iPod Touch and a laptop (well several including netbooks, but you get my point).  They work very well and do what I need, and don’t cost me anymore money.
  4. Who is the audience for this?  Aside from Mac fans?

I understand that this device is supposed to fill in the gap between an iPod Touch/iPhone and a laptop.  But, was there really a gap to fill in the first place? I am sure other vendors are trying to figure that out as well.  The Apple iPad is supposed to fill the void and bring about a whole new niche market for tablet computing.  I don’t think so.  Its a toy!

Ok, it plays videos, music, reads ebooks, web surfs, etc et all.  This means is an entertainment device.  Ok, that is great.  But ,as a replacement for my other devices?  No, I dont think so.  I can’t see me trying to do any “real” work on this, no matter what Steve and Phil said about running iWork.  I cant see even using MS Office for Mac on it, or Documents to Go. The  touchscreen keyboard would drive me nuts after a while, and while you can, for $79, hook up a physical keyboard to it, why would I?  Its supposed to be a TABLET! Portable with NO keyboard.

And on that note, if its a real tablet, where is the stylus?  If Apple had included a stylus and a Mac version of Microsoft’s One Note application, then I would have been impressed and said “OK, I’ll buy one!”  If that functionality got built in, can you imagine the applications?  Students, educators, doctors, lawyers, etc etc…all would be able to use this for all sorts of things!  Apple would counter and say you can do that now with just an iPhone and your finger, but its not always that easy to control.

Who is going to buy this?  I asked my non-tech friends, you know, the ones this is targeted at, if they wanted one.  Most of them said, “Meh.”  This means “No”. They already have devices that do all of this, why do they need another one?

I just don’t see it.  Who knows?  Maybe I am wrong and the iPad will eclipse the iPhone in sales and in 5 years I will have to use one at my next job.  But for right now, I think I’ll stick with my iPod touch and laptop.  I still love my Mac products, just not enough this time to sway me to buy another.