iPad: Should Microsoft + Partners Worry?

Just finished taking in the iPad press event.

The question I’m asking myself: Should Microsoft + partners worry?┬áNot yet, but they need to respond quickly and present a better solution.

That better solution is a Courier + Zune integrated experience that completely hides Windows 7 from the user. With Windows 7 multi-tasking, handwriting support for marking up those text books, plus an integrated experience with media, Microsoft could keep Apple at bay and give consumers something really exciting.

If Microsoft + partners don’t respond, I do see the next version of the iPad making tremendous headway, especially in vertical markets. The current iPad isn’t compelling at this point due to not having a camera, but I suspect version 2 will have it. Cameras are huge in the vertical space, consumers love them too for video chatting. Multi-tasking is a HUGE miss for Apple and one that Microsoft can capitalize on. Apple left some big holes that Microsoft could take advantage of if they act quickly. They have awesome solutions, but shoving Windows 7 down consumers throat won’t win it. Apple iPad has no camera, no multi-tasking, no handwriting reco. Tie it all together in a drop dead simple UI solution and Microsoft, et al might just come out the winner here.