iPad steals the show on Modern Family

Well, I guess it’s not really “stealing” if you dropped a whole lot of money on product placement, which I’m sure Apple did in order to make the iPad the center of attention on ABC’s Modern Family last night.

Episode is already on ABC.com and Hulu if you didn’t catch it or record it last night. I skipped it but recorded it on my media center. Here are some screengrabs. Sorry they’re not in HD, but I have problems with that channel. Not sure if the show is on iTunes, but they really should be giving away this commercial episode.

Brief synopsis: Phil wants an iPad for his birthday. His wife Claire stands in line to get him one but she and her brother run intro trouble. Their son saves the day by lying to get one. Phil gleefully sits in the dark with his precious. It makes more sense if you watch the show, which is really good. Ed O’Neill plays the curmudgeonly patron of his extended family. Repeat: Ed O’Neill = grumpy dad. That should be all anyone should need to know to give it a watch.

Thanks to Engadget for the tip.