iPhone 4S Jailbreak on iOS 6 Likely Tied to iPhone 5 Jailbreak

Since the launch of iOS 6 in September there has been little talk of an iPhone 4S jailbreak on iOS 6, as the community spends time looking for an iPhone 5 jailbreak.

That doesn’t mean that iPhone 4S owners need to stay on iOS 5.1.1 forever. It is likely that the iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 4S is going to be rolled into the same tool that can jailbreak the iPhone 5.

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Typically the development community releases a tool that can jailbreak a number of devices at once. Take the current iOS 6 jailbreak, which can jailbreak the iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS.

The progress on iOS 6 exploits for the iPhone 5 jailbreak is moving along swiftly. PlanetBeing discovered another exploit that will aid in jailbreaking the iPhone 5, and likely the iPhone 4S. Don’t plan on a fast release, as the team will almost certainly keep working on an untethered jailbreak.

Why You Should Jailbreak the iPhone 4S

Stay tuned for iPhone 4s jailbreak details.

As PlanetBeing explains, “It’s likely we would try working on an untether for awhile. No sense burning 3 vulns for tethered when 4 will get you untethered.”

The iOS 6 hacking dream team delivered a working iPhone 4s jailbreak earlier this year for iOS 5.1.1, which many users are still using. With all the new iOS 6 features, there are a number of iPhone 4S owners waiting for a jailbreak so they can mix the many reasons to jailbreak the iPhone 4S with the new features in iOS 6.

Jailbreaking the iPhone 4S isn’t for everyone, but it is legal. Anyone with an iPhone 4s on iOS 6 can’t jailbreak until the next tool is released.

There is no release date for the iOS 6 jailbreak, but progress on the jailbreak front appears to be moving along as experienced hackers find holes in Apple’s iOS security. Once enough of the puzzle is available, the teams may release a photo and short note showing off progress. From there, expect a week or two of testing by internal users before an iOS 6 jailbreak tool arrives for the masses.

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