$800 for the iPhone 5?  #800DollarsForAniPhone Rumor Angers Twitter Users

Rumors of an $800 iPhone 5 are taking over Twitter with iPhone 5 $800 and #800DollarsForAniPhone trending on the social networking site.

It’s not clear where the rumor of an $800 iPhone started, but half of Twitter worrying where they’re going to find the cash and the other half is making hilarious demands from an iPhone with a $800 price tag.

Twitter users can calm down.

There’s no way Apple will release an iPhone 5 with an $800 price, at least that you’ll pay.

iPhone 5 $800

iPhone 5 $800?

Apple already sells an $800 iPhone. If you want to buy the 64GB iPhone 4S off contract it is $829. Thanks to the discounts carriers give when you sign up for a two-year contract, that price drops to $399. Even the $199 iPhone 4S retails for over $600 without a contract.

Analysts tell The Street that Apple is very unlikely to charge $800 for an iPhone, pointing to Apple’s typical profit margins. Not to mention, Apple prefers to add features to products without increasing the price of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

What would an iPhone 5 worth $800 look like? Assuming Apple did charge $800 it would probably look a lot like the iPhone 5 concept in the video below. This iPhone 5 concept packs in a 3D Retina Display, Holographic display and a Holographic controller for gaming.

Best $800 iPhone 5 Twitter Requests

In response to the rumor of paying #800DollarsForAniPhone, Twitter users are sharing hilarious and outrageous iPhone requests, the best of which are embedded below.






Would you pay $800 for an iPhone?