iPhone 5 Renders Show New iPhone in Hand

The iPhone 5 has surfaced in some beautiful new mockup photos that depict what the device might look like clasped inside of a hand.

The photos, which come from French site Nowhereelse, courtesy of Gizmodo, show both white and black renders of the iPhone 5 inside of a human hand.

Assuming that the iPhone 5 is somewhat close to this in size and appearance, the photos show the scale of the new design that Apple might be releasing with its next iPhone.

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This is what the iPhone 5 could look like in one’s hand.

These mockups seem to incorporate many of the rumored features that are said to be included with the new iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Render Based on Leaked Parts

We see the metal backing with the two pieces of glass above it, something that our exclusive engineering samples seem to point to, and we see the face time camera now in the center of the device, right above the speaker, as has been rumored.

iPhone 5 Render Based on Leaked Parts

This iPhone 5 also seems to be taller, again something that has been rumored and may have been confirmed by iOS 6. We also get a look at the new dock connector as well, something else Apple is rumored to be including with the new iPhone.

iPhone 5 Render Based on Leaked Parts

Of course, these are just renders and might not be anywhere close to the real thing.

iPhone 5 Release Date

As of right now, the iPhone 5 is slated to launch at an event on September 12th, Multiple outlets have pegged that as the iPhone 5’s launch event date and thus far, there is nothing that says otherwise.

It’s release date is pegged for September 21st, just a few short days after the announcement.

If true, this means that iOS 6 will be out for owners of the various other Apple devices in September as well.

iPhone 5 Features

As for the iPhone 5 itself, it is rumored to include a 4-inch display, 4G LTE capabilities, NFC support and 1GB of RAM tucked inside of its design as well as a quad-core processor.

It’s also rumored to have a thin design – possibly sub-8mm, a metal backing instead of a glass one and a high-definition front-facing camera for improved video chat.