iPhone 5 Website Leak is a Fake, a Beautiful Fake

Earlier this week the YouTube user account iPhone5Website uploaded a purported iPhone 5 website leak on the Apple Germany website.

In the video, shown below, you can see the author click on a random blank area below the iPhone 5 to bring up what looks like a very beautiful iPhone 5 website. If you watch the video through, you’ll probably start subconsciously reaching for your wallet, but if you take a closer look at the first frame of the video, you’ll see that this isn’t legit.

While the rest of the video looks like it is the real deal, you can see that someone named Peter faked the entire site on his computer — and forgot to change one frame of the video. That and the fact that Apple would never put an image of an iPhone 5 with “No Service” on their home page.

iPhone 5 fake website

So close, yet so fake.

While the website leak is fake, it does present a very nice looking iPhone 5. One that has many of the features I would like to see on Apple’s next handset.

iPhone 5 leak

  • Thinner design
  • Aluminum back
  • 64GB size
  • 8MP camera

What would you like to add to the iPhone 5?

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