iPhone 5S: Dissecting the Best and the Worst of Recent Rumors

iPhone 5S rumors are back in the spotlight this week as an analyst claims the iPhone 5S release is on for June and that the next iPhone is a completely redesigned device with new features like a Retina+ display and up to 128GB of storage.

The iPhone 5S is the name currently given to the next iPhone, which Apple is likely to launch in 2013. Little is known about the next iPhone, but that isn’t stopping analysts from offering opinions on what to expect from Apple in 2013.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek issued a note this morning sharing his thoughts on the iPhone 5S. Business Insider quotes Misek as predicting that the iPhone 5S features, “include super HD camera/screen, a better battery, and NFC.” When it comes to possible iPhone 5S features Misek reaches with an, “IGZO screen for Retina+, 128GB storage.”

In the note, Jefferies predicts an iPhone 5S release date in June 2013 and multiple color options like the iPod touch.

We’ll take a close look at the iPhone 5S rumors to see which are likely, which are almost a given and which are more likely to hold off for the iPhone 6.

iPhone 5S Release Date in June

iPhone 5S Release Date

June iPhone 5S release is rumored again.

Apple could move the iPhone 5S release date back to June, which is the month the earlier iPhone models launched. It wasn’t until the iPhone 4S that Apple moved the release date to the fall. Apple may want to move iPhone 5S release date back to June to compete with the rumored Galaxy S4 which may launch in early 2013.

A summer launch for the iPhone 5S would also help Apple bring supply into check before the holiday season. The iPhone 5 is now in stock at Apple, but shoppers faced a one to two-week delay for the past few weeks.

If the next iPhone is an “S” upgrade, Apple may not need as much time to work out the manufacturing and assembly, speeding up the release date. A leaked back, which sources say is for the iPhone 5S is similar to the iPhone 5 back widely available.

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Rating: Posssible 

Retina+ Display

Better than Retina display on iPhone 5S

A better than Retina Display on the iPhone 5?

Misek claims the iPhone 5S display won’t just be a Retina Display, but that it could be a Retina+ Display with a Sharp IGZO display.

He doesn’t speculate on the resolution or ppi of this Retina+ display, but with smartphone competition like the Nexus 4 delivering 720P HD display and Droid DNA’s 1080P HD display Apple may feel the pressure to increase screen resolution and with it the ppi.

If Apple is going to change the screen to a super-retina resolution we could be looking at a 367 ppi with 720P or 550 ppi with a 1080P resolution.That’s nearly double the current 326 ppi.

It’s more likely that Apple will save an upgrade to 1080P for the iPhone 6 with a larger display. On a 4.8-inch display a 1080P HD resolution delivers a 458 ppi, which could carry the Retina+ name.

Rating: Unlikely 

Better iPhone 5S Camera

One of iPhone 5S features that is almost a given is that the next iPhone will feature a better camera. Misek calls this a “super HD camera.”

It’s not clear what this means, though we could see some pixel oversampling similar to the Nokia Pureview technology to deliver better looking photos without boosting the megapixel count dramatically.

In addition to a new camera we might see better camera software in iOS 7. Many of the features we hoped for in iOS 6 never arrived, and with Samsung pushing new camera features to the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 2, the timing for a better camera app in iOS 7 is right.

Rating: Likely

Better Battery Life

iPhone 5S battery life rumors

Expect better iPhone 5S battery life.

Despite lasting all day for many users, the iPhone 5 battery life isn’t perfect. Apple is likely working on new battery technologies and software improvements to deliver longer battery life on the iPhone 5S

Even as we quest for thinner phones, battery life is a major factor. If the iPhone 5S keeps the same overall design and size we might see an improvement in battery life.

Rating: Likely

128GB of Storage

iPhone 5S 128GB option

A larger capacity iPhone 5S?

There is definitely demand for an iPhone with 128GB of storage, but Apple has not increased the size options for the iPhone since the iPhone 4S launch in October 2011.

Apple increased the largest capacity iPhone every two generations based on past releases, which means the iPhone 5S is due for a larger storage size.

Apple also cut the 16GB iPod touch out of its recent refresh, pushing up to 32GB as the starting size. Perhaps we’ll see a new iPhone 5S line with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB of storage.

Adding to the need for more storage is the growing size of iOS games. Even with a 64GB iPhone 5, some users need to choose which games they carry with them every day,

Rating: Possible

iPhone 5S in Colors

iPhone 5 owners stick their iPhone 5 in a case to customize the look, but with the iPhone 5S buyers may not need a case.

iPhone 5S colors like iPod Touch 2013

An analyst claims the iPhone 5S could feature colors like the iPod touch.


Misek claims the iPhone 5 will come in colors like the iPod touch, pointing to six to eight color options. The iPhone 5 design uses anodized aluminum like the iPod touch, so it’s possible that this one holds true, even though we’ve heard similar rumors for earlier iPhones.

The iPod touch is available in seven colors, so we’d expect similar color options on the iPhone 5S if this prediction is true.

Rating: Possible