iPhone 6 Concept Good Enough for Apple

This iPhone 6 concept from France is an absolutely beautiful representation of what many are probably hoping the real iPhone 6 from Apple actually looks like.

In the past year, we’ve seen a ton of iPhone 6 concepts. In fact, we showed one earlier this week featuring a curved display, something that is extremely attractive but is unlikely to appear on the real iPhone 6. Today, we’re sharing another Apple iPhone 6 concept that is more real than it is fantasy.


This concept, from Frenchsoft, showcases an extremely thin and realistic “iPhone 6” that comes with a design that we think is fit for the real iPhone 6 that is rumored for 2014. Like many other iPhone 6 concepts, the designers have been inspired by Apple’s new iPad Air design and have dubbed this device an iPhone 6 “Air.”


The device checks in with a 6mm design, thinner than the iPhone 5s, a larger 4.5-inch display that is edge-to-edge with ultra thin bezels, again like the iPad Air, a camera in the upper corner, and their version of iOS 8. Their version of iOS 8 features tweaked icons that look a bit different than the ones found in the current version of iOS, iOS 7.

Simply put, it’s one of the better looking iPhone 6 concepts that we’ve seen. And while it may not look exactly like the iPhone 6, it’s possible that we’ll see Apple lend out some of its “Air” design characteristics to the next iPhone.


It also features Apple’s TouchID fingerprint reader that the company embedded into the home button with the iPhone 5s. TouchID offers users added security but more importantly, convenience.


iPhone 6 rumors themselves are extremely scarce though the rumors that have leaked have virtually all pointed to a larger display in the vicinity of 4.5-inches and 5-inches. iPhone 6 rumors also point to launch dates spanning across 2014. Both summer and fall, which have both been utilized by Apple in the past, are reportedly possible launch windows for Apple’s new smartphone. May has also been rumored as a possible launch month though not for an iPhone 6 but for an iPhone phablet, larger than 5-inches.

The rest of the device’s specifications remain uncertain and likely will remain that way up until the device’s launch later on this year.