Is Google Strangling Google Reader with Too Much Stuff?

google-reader_logoGoogle Reader is still one of my main tools for keeping track of what’s going on in the world of mobile tech and just news in general. I probably have more than the average number of RSS feeds I check daily and the one of the beauties of Google Reader is that no matter what device I happen to be using it keeps what I’ve read, starred, shared, commented on, etc… across all the devices.

Google has been on a kick to add features to Google Reader lately and I’m beginning to believe that this feature creep is slowly strangling a good thing. It could be something else, but then who really knows. At first I thought it was the large number of feeds I pull in, but I’m seeing the same behavior with a different, smaller set of feeds as well. I see it across machines (an iMac, a Tablet PC running Windows 7, a Netbook running XP, and a Netbook running Windows 7) and with different browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome).

Sometimes things will work just fine an as I expect them to, and sometimes it seems like GR will just hang while it is pulling in info. Again, I’m not sure why this is, but it is becoming a real PITA to use Google Reader on a daily basis of late.

Anyone else seeing this?