Is it too much to ask for driver bundles?

SumocatsTecraM7Compared to poor incarcerated Rob, I really don’t have much to gripe about when it comes to Windows 7 drivers for my Tablet PC, except I’m upgrading from XP to 7. That means a fresh install, which means fresh installation of drivers. Furthermore, Tablet PCs demand a few more drivers than plain vanilla laptops do, not just for the digitizer but also for screen rotation, accelerometer, and the usual extra few buttons.

Fortunately, Toshiba has me (mostly) covered with the driver hookup on their website. Unfortunately, the presentation isn’t all that friendly to users doing a fresh install, and I have to wonder why, in the midst of a new upgrade season, it isn’t easier.

Doing a search for my machine pulls up the list of drivers I need. But they’re listed individually, which means a multi-step downloading process for each one. Worse, most of them are still only listed as Vista or XP drivers. Filtering for Windows 7 drivers only shows the one that needed updating. The rest are older drivers that still work in 7. Some Vista drivers replace XP drivers, but all are listed in the search results. I think it’s fair to say that combing through Vista drivers and then back through XP drivers to fill the gaps is kind of a hassle.

I suppose I should be grateful the drivers are there at all, but is it really too much to ask that the drivers and instructions be bundled in a zip file or something? Why even offer them separately? The norm should be in bundles made for each PC. If I need less than all of them, I’ll only install the ones I need. No need to be stingy here. I’m using your brand. Not like I’m going to install them on a PC made by someone else.

As for my progress, I specified that I’m “mostly” covered because while I seem to have all the drivers I need, the inputs on my screen bevel aren’t all behaving. Power and security (ctrl-alt-delete) buttons work fine, but the fingerprint reader isn’t responsive, two pre-set buttons are both only pulling up Windows Mobility Center, my directional button won’t recognize press-and-hold and only orients for primary landscape (which means it’s flipped in slate mode), and my accelerometer-based screen rotation button works inconsistently (rotation app works fine when accessed directly, could be press-and-hold not working right).

Aside from those inconveniences, I’m up and running with Windows 7 on my Tecra M7. Oh, did I forget to mention I made a cheap upgrade from my Satellite R25 to a Tecra M7? Sorry. Will try to get to that. :)