Is Netbook Fatigue a New Syndrome?

Interesting timing. Last night my lovely wife Thomasin was clacking away on the keyboard of her HP Mini 1000 while sitting on the sofa. (The picture is from an earlier post.) After doing her thing for awhile, she uttered an expletive, and said she needed to put the Mini down as she felt some pain in her shoulders and hands.

This morning James Kendrick puts up a post about Netbook fatigue wondering if those using Netbooks are experiencing similar kinds of things, as well as some eye strain, with their small devices. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know that Thomasin uses the Netbook (she did the same thing with the Asus Eee) much more than she ever would go into our small home office to use the computer and I see her scrunched over the Mini on the sofa, the floor, in the bed, and in a chair at times. This was the first time she complained about feeling uncomfortable.

In using the HP Mini 2140 lately, I haven’t experienced any issues beyond the usual fatigue I experience when I’m at any keyboard (mobile or desktop) too long, but I’m typically sitting with it on a desktop, or on a lapdesk at home. While my posture might not be perfect in an ergonomic way, I feel that I’m at least comfortable while doing this.

Interesting conversation.