Is Push for You?

If your phone rings do you always jump to answer it? One of the ongoing ‘squabbles’ my wife and I have in the short amount of free time we have together is over whether or not we’re obligated to answer the phone if it rings. I say no, it’s a choice. She’s just the opposite. I view Push email the same way.

Push has been one of the holy grails of mobile life for some time. Receiving that email the minute it is sent is a must for some. The entire Blackberry culture is built around it. And admittedly, there are times where you need to get that email. But mostly I think of email in the same way I think of a phone call. It is my choice whether or not I want to access and deal with the email. So the majority of time I will turn Push features off.   This morning MG Siegler at TechCrunch previews an iPhone app that may (or may not) come to the iPhone that runs on Push for GMail users who don’t work through MobileME, Yahoo Mail or Exchange. I’m sure some will be very excited by this, but I’d pass here. Yesterday, we saw the release of the first Twitter app, iTiwtter, with Push. I’ll pass there as well. Now I’m not saying I don’t use Push at all, but for most of my work and play I just would prefer to control when I’m going to deal with my email and other communication tools instead of having them nag me.

There’s a secondary benefit to not having Push features turned on beyond hanging on to a small piece of control as well. It saves on battery life in most instances.

How about you? Do you like your email and other notifications pushed to you or do you like to have it your way on your time?