Is The Droid Bionic Too Late to Be This Expensive?

So you may have heard the good/bad news. The Motorola Droid Bionic is likely going to be launching on September 8th and when it does, it’s probably going to have an off-contract price of $590 and an on-contract price of $299. At least through Verizon. Retailers are probably going to have some better offers but we can’t be too sure about that.

This means that Motorola and Verizon obviously didn’t pay any attention to the five things I thought the Droid Bionic would need to survive a launch in September. The very first point I had on there was ‘Affordable Pricing.’ I, like many of you, do not consider $300 on-contract affordable pricing. And the price itself is not even the worst part of it.

Droid Bionic

No, the worst part is the fact that Motorola and Verizon think they can actually get away with charging $300 for this phone and come out successful. Are they not aware that we know about the Droid HD aka Motorola Spyder? Or that we have a pretty good feeling that the Google Nexus Prime might hit Big Red in October? Or that the Samsung Galaxy S II will likely be cheaper if it doesn’t have 4G LTE? Or HTC’s Vigor? Or HTC’s Amaze 4G?

Are they not aware that the iPhone 5 will likely be launching in October and will likely have a price tag of $199?

Droid BionicDon’t they remember announcing this phone back in January? As it stands, people will have had to have waited 8+ months for this phone to arrive. Don’t you think there would be some kind of mercy shown to those that have endured the delays?

$300 in May would have been acceptable. The network was young and Droid Bionic would have been without sort of competition on the horizon.

But $300 on-contract this late in the game is not only a slap in the face but a sign that Motorola and Verizon just don’t get it. I started to feel that way when I saw Verizon’s horrid 4G LTE commercials but this just proves it.

The other dual-core Droids, the Droid 3 and Droid X2 are cheap, so we know that Verizon is charging a premium for 4G LTE and I think that’s just idiotic with AT&T’s LTE launch on the horizon.

I thought Big Red would want to bring in customers not turn them away with a ludicrous price tag.

There is a chance that the Droid Bionic might launch for $250 but I wouldn’t count on it. This is a carrier that launched the Samsung Droid Charge for $300 and did so without a tongue in firmly placed in cheek.

This is the same carrier that launched the LG Revolution for $250, a phone that has shown up in the bargain bin more times than I can count over the past few months.

And let’s not forget that this is the same carrier that recently turned to tiered data plans for new customers. Only crazy people would pay $300 and lock into a two year tiered data plan with a 4G LTE phone for a phone that is soon to be overshadowed by an avalanche of phones, some even coming from Motorola itself.

It makes no sense and as much as I love what I am seeing from this phone, I would not be surprised to see it show up in the bargain bin right beside the LG Revolution and the rest of Verizon’s pitiful lineup shortly after launch.

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