Is this the Samsung Galaxy S5?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement takes place tomorrow afternoon and it looks like a sneak peak of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is here thanks to a now deleted Instagram photo.

The photo below, from Mucci82, shows what appears to be the Galaxy S5 in three colors, sitting behind the just announced Samsung Gear smartwatch.  It is no clear if this is the real device, but the new smartwatch does add credibility and the Instagram account is now completely gone as the owner looks to erase the trail.

This photo shows what is likely the Samsung Galaxy S5 in gold, black and white.

This photo shows what is likely the Samsung Galaxy S5 in gold, black and white.

The probable Samsung Galaxy S5 photo shows three Galaxy S5 devices in a line in white, black and gold. The back of the Galaxy S5 appears to feature a texture, but it is not possible to see what the actual material is. Samsung previously talked about a new feel that will help set the device apart from the Galaxy S4 and other current generation smartphones. Video spotted by SamMobile.

Some rumors suggest the Galaxy S5 will use a metal design, but this looks a lot like a plastic back and a silver band around the edge, like the Galaxy S4. It is possible that this is a basic Galaxy S5 model and the premium one is still a well kept secret, at least for another day.

In addition to the colors and the texture we get a look at the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera with a new look for the flash. This photo doesn’t confirm the rumored 16MP sensor, but it points to a new flash design. This is not likely a fingerprint reader, which is rumored for the front of the phone.

The leak only shows the top edge of the Galaxy S5, but it reveals a headphone jack on top as well as a small opening that is likely for an IR port to control a HDTV and home theater equipment. A previous leak shared screens of an updated Samsung WatchON remote control app.

It’s not confirmed, but there appears to be a small lip that would allow the back of the Galaxy S5 model in this photo to come off so users can access the battery and possibly a Micro SD card.

We still cannot see the front of the Galaxy S5 or tell how big the phone is. It does appear similar in hick was to the Galaxy S4 and not much wider when we look at the S4 near a Galaxy Gear watch.

A Samsung promotion shows what could be a Galaxy S5.

A Samsung promotion shows what could be a Galaxy S5.

A Samsung Galaxy S5 teaser video showed the front of an unknown Samsung device, but we still can’t see enough of either leak to confirm the Galaxy S5 design as a whole.

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors currently point to a 5.25-inch display. Initial rumors suggest a 2560 x 1440 resolution display, but recently leaks turned to a 1080p display in the recent weeks. The Galaxy S5 may also arrive with a waterproof and dustproof feature set without the need for a case or a separate Galaxy S5 Active model.

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Based on the rumors and leaks we also expect a better camera, improved flash and a new processor. We also expect a large battery in the Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date may come as soon as late March, though the U.S. Galaxy S5 release date may not arrive until April or May.