Is This Why Google Voice Can’t Make It On The iPhone?

38bfc_GoogleVoicePreview1.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x360 pixels)I may be completely off base here, and if I am, I’m sure I’ll be corrected. That said, this post on jkOnTheRun rang some bells for me this morning. I didn’t realize that AT&T offered a voice mail transcription service for its customers. That feature of Google Voice is one of the selling points (even though the transcription sometimes fails in entertaining fashion.) Of course AT&T offers the feature for a non-inconsequential $9.99 a month fee.

Again, maybe I’ve missed this before, but in all the back and forth about Google Voice on the iPhone, including FCC involvement, this certainly strikes me as a possible reason that Google Voice is still verboten on the iPhone. Why give it away for free when you can score a sawbuck a month?