It’s Raining Lenovo Devices Here: X100E, X201T, S10T

When it rains it pours. I haven’t had much time to do many device reviews lately and not that the time issue has changed much, but it looks like I’ve got my hands full in the immediate future.

Lenovo has just sent three devices for us to check out. The Lenovo X201T Tablet PC, the S10T Ideapad, and the ThinkPad X100E. I am looking forward to spending time with each of these and cranking out some InkShow reviews over the next week or so. Let me know what questions you might have or what you want me to explore on any or all of these devices.

One thing I’m going to say right now about the X100E. The small size of this device with everything that Lenovo has included makes it very intriguing option.