It’s the Customer Experience, Stupid!

Software Advice writes today about how they wish a Mac Tablet would materialize, especially as applied to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

Coincidentally, Forrester Research also writes about customer experience, namely how the Windows experience ranks behind OS X.

The common bond behind the two posts being that customer experience matters.

In today’s battered economy, capital spending for technology will flow again, but it will flow first to companies that provide solutions that a) improve user efficiency; and b) provide better user experiences.

Regarding EMRs, doctors who are able to put their time into talking with patients, rather than spending time selecting items from lists of arcane medical diagnostic codes are going to better diagnose patient issues, reduce data entry costs and provide a better patient experience. Win-win-win!

But why should EMRs wait for an Apple Tablet form factor device to become widespread? Why can’t ISVs build a very approachable, very user-friendly EMR solution on a touch-enabled Windows tablet today?

I’m sure that an iTablet (or whatever Apple eventually calls it) will be an excellent piece of technology and user experience, when it arrives. However, there is no basic technology mentioned in the Software Advice article that is unique to OS X. Windows Touch Technology and Windows Speech Recognition exist today, and are widely available, on a variety of mobile hardware.

I’m not promoting Windows over OS X. I’m promoting Electronic Medical Records technology for doctors’ offices so that I can spend 25 of my 30 minutes talking to my doctor, instead of 15.