iTunes U, iBooks 2 Apps Hint at iPad Retina Display Resolution

If you have any doubt that Apple is working on a higher resolution iPad display for the future, you can look no further than the recently released iTunes U and iBooks 2 apps that were announced and released as part of Apple’s education-centric media announcement for Thursday. Those two apps contain hints of a Retina Display for Apple’s tablets. The icons and image files for those apps reveal references for an ‘iPad@2X’ resolution.

The Retina Display references found within the latest apps are not the first time that a Retina Display has been hinted at. In the past, iBooks 1.2 hinted at a higher resolution iPad display. Speculations for a higher resolution iPad have existed even before the iPad 2 was launched, and at some point it was believed that the iPad 2 would have a Retina Display when it would launch. That proved to be untrue, and now there is high speculation that the next iPad release will have a Retina Display.

It’s unclear what iPad will call its next iPad release. Chinese case manufacturers say that the next-generation tablet may adopt the iPad 2S moniker and not the iPad 3 branding.

Via: 9to5 Mac