Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People With Fake iPhone 5

Now that the iPhone 5 is finally official we can prepare for an onslaught of (mostly lame) jokes about the new device. Just a few hours after the announcement Jimmy Kimmel used the announcement to play a trick on a few people walking the streets of Los Angeles.

Jimmy Kimmel’s film crew took to the streets to ask passers-by to take a look at the “new iPhone,” which they claimed Apple just released. The crew actually handed people an iPhone 4S and asked what they thought of the phone.

Despite the iPhone 5’s 4-inch taller display, thinner 7.6mm thick frame and faster processor, users are quick to offer their opinion of what they think is the new iPhone.

fake iPhone 5 Jimmy KimmelThe random people on the street just assume they actually had the new iPhone, and a few even compared the iPhone 4S to their own iPhones which look exactly the same. One person even proclaimed the “iPhone 5” they had in their hand had a taller screen than the current iPhone 4S.

Kimmel’s skit proves that people are willing to believe anything they’re told when put in front of a camera and asked a few questions. We hope the camera crew ran into a few people who knew the iPhone 4S isn’t the iPhone 5 and the show just didn’t include them in the video.

The real iPhone 5 will launch on September 21 on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, and September 28 on other U.S. carriers C Spire and Cricket Wireless. Pre-orders for the new phone begin early on Friday, September 14.