Keeping spam and viruses out of your mailbox

Spam is out of control. Way out of control. I used to get about 100 – 150 spam emails a day. My Outlook junk email filter did a great job of handling it, but I still had to download them and when I was mobile with just my Treo, I was downloading them there too.


SpamSoap intercepts your email before it gets to your server, scans it for spam and viruses, then forwards it on to your mailserver after it verifies that it is clean. It takes them all of 3 – 5 seconds before it gets to you. You get an email once a day from SpamSoap with a list of emails that it quaratined for you. Result: you end up with a very clean email box and not having to download junk email and viruses, and your network doesn’t get bombarded with spam. Pricing starts out at $2.50 per mailbox per month. This service is only for folks who have their own domain name and have control over making mx record changes.

FYI: Dennis and I are both resellers for SpamSoap and can help you get set up on this service if you want it, but we are more interested in you knowing about it and getting a cleaner email box – whether we benefit from it or not. Visit for more info.