Kensington CornerCase for iPad Air Fits Smart Cover Perfectly

The Apple iPad Smart Cover got a slight redesign thanks to the smaller size of the new iPad Air, so people will need to get new backs to cover the naked iPad and Smart Cover combination. The Kensington CornerCase for iPad Air fits the new design well and works with the Smart Cover perfectly to keep users from scratching the backside of their iPad.

The Kensington CornerCase protects the back of the iPad and includes cutouts for all the ports and buttons. They’re easy to access with the case installed on the iPad Air. Kensington also cuts out a slot along the left side to allow the user to connect the magnetic connector of the iPad Air Smart Cover. We also get nice protection for the corners, hence the name CornerCase.

Kensington CornerCase back


Here’s the company’s demo video:

The cover feels soft and gives it some grip, which helps to keep us from dropping our iPads. The iPad doesn’t feel like it weighs that much more with the Smart Cover and CornerCase. The case protects the edges of the iPad Air and it wraps around so that there’s a small portion covering the edge of the front bezel. If a user places the iPad with the screen down and Smart Cover folded over the back, the case raises the screen off the table or desk to protect it from scratches if it lies on a slightly rough surface.

Kensington CornerCase front

We like the Kensington CornerCase for the Apple iPad Air and Smart Cover because it fits perfectly, looks nice and feels good. It protects the back, corners and potentially the screen while not getting in the way of the Apple Smart Cover. At only $20 it’s priced right.

Kensington CornerCase top corner

Buyers can get them at Buyers can get the Corner Case direct from Kensington. They now come in Smoke Transparent and Clear Transparent. Buyers can also purchase one at Amazon for the same price.