Kupa X11 Pro Unboxing and 1st Look [Video]

I received the Kupa X11 Pro today. This is the cool Windows 7 Tablet that Chuong got some hands on with back at CTIA last month.

The model I received was the X11 Pro. This model will cost you around $799 and is considered the middle of the road model. The Kupa X11 Classic is $699 and the Kupa X11 Lux is $969. The major differences between the models is the size of the SSD drive. The Kupa X11 Pro has a 10.1″ screen and it comes with WiFi and 3G, 2 gig of RAM, a 64GB SSD drive and an Intel 1.5 GHz processor. The unit I received has Windows 8 Developer Preview and Windows 7. I will be reviewing it as a Windows 7 Tablet, but I plan to poke around in 8 a bit too.

If you have any questions about Kupa X11, let me know.

The Kupa X11 is available now and you can purchase this tablet directly from their website.