Last Batch of HP TouchPads Headed to North America Only

Weren’t able to get your hands on the $99 HP TouchPad the first time around? Well, then you probably were excited when HP announced that it would be bringing the canceled tablet device back for one last go round after the company’s stock was depleted because of the fire sale. Unfortunately though, if you live outside of North America, you won’t be able to get your hands on the webOS cheap tablet that can now run Android.

HP released a statement today indicating that North America will be the last place that the company offers up the hardware and the tablet will make its final appereance sometime in the coming weeks.

HP TouchPad

Here is HP’s statement, courtesy of Mobot:

We are pleased by the response to webOS and look forward to customer feedback so we can further enhance the platform. A limited quantity of TouchPads will be available in the coming weeks  in North America only. In EMEA we are discontinuing the webOS hardware operations and will not offer any additional products beyond what might be currently available in selective outlets.

So, if you live outside of the U.S. or Canada, your dreams of a new shiny $99 webOS tablet have been dashed.

For now. Remember, HP is pondering whether or not to resurrect the tablet so it’s very possible that this might not actually be the last go-round for a device that was killed off along with any future webOS hardware just a short time ago.