Lenovo road map reveals ThinkPad X201 Tablet PC… and no others.


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Good news, bad news: Good news is Engadget China managed to get their hands on Lenovo’s ThinkPad roadmap for 2010, and the X201 Tablet PC is right there in the tablet tier. Bad news? It’s obviously just an update to the X200, and there appear to be no other Tablet PCs on the map.

Yes, they will also release the U1 IdeaPad hybrid tablet, but that plus one ThinkPad refresh (probably not much more than a processor upgrade at that) do not add up to a major tablet computing push.

BTW, ThinkPad, IdeaPad, mouse pad, keypad, trackpad, touchpad, notepad. It’s weird how I’ve been using those terms for years and not once associated them with feminine hygiene products.

Via Engadget