Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC MultiTouch and Ultrabase

TspicWell, the Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC InkShows just keep on coming!

In this installment, Dennis Rice takes a look at the MultiTouch XGA / Outdoor screen option, and also the Ultrabase mobile docking solution.  The X60 Tablet PC is very much a unique device, and these two options are a couple of very strong points to consider.

It was a real challenge for me to do a good representation of how the touch screen functionality works, so please bear with the quality on this one a bit, but I think you will get a good idea of how well this works if this is an option you are considering for your next Tablet PC purchase.  What you see on camera and what you see in realtime are a bit different (with things like screen brightness and outdoor viewing, probably due to camera angle), but I think you will get the idea.  I also really like the mobile docking solution “Ultrabase”, and go over it in pretty good detail as well.  I imagine most of the GottaBeMobile crew will own one soon.

Lenovo has put a great deal of effort into these options, so I hope this will enlighten you on their functionality!

To get the full specs, prices, options, etc., head over to ThinkPad.com

Once again our special thanks to the team at Lenovo for providing equipment, and a really great product!

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