Lenovo X200 Tablet PC vs Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC – SD Cards

One of the first things I want to see on a tablet pc is how far the sd card sticks out. I know it sounds like a strange thing to be worried about, but when I’m using a tablet pc in portrait mode, it frustrates me a lot when the sd card sticks out, making it easy to bump against, accidentally eject, and more
Lenovo designed their SD card slot very well  in their new X200 Tablet PC. It has a nice recess making the card flush with the casing, which is very important when using the tablet in portrait mode. In addition, the slot is positioned perfectly with the casing which makes it easy to eject the card with a finger, but doesn’t accidentally eject in a case. In other words – it is the best of both worlds!
Dell, on the other hand, has got to have one of the worlds worst SD card slots  in their Latitude XT. The card sticks out way too far, is too easily ejectible when the tablet is used in portrait mode or when the tablet is placed in a case. It has been one my big frustrations with the XT.
 Here are some close up pictures of each Tablet PC with an SD inserted in to each unit.
X200 TAblet PC SD Card
Lenovo X200 Tablet PC SD Card
Latitude XT Tablet PC SD Card
Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC SD Card