LG Says Its Tablet Will Be “Surprisingly Productive”

LG’s vice president of marketing Chang Ma, in an interview with the Wall St. Journal says that LG’s tablet, scheduled to debut later this year, is going to focus on the ability to create content and not just consume it. According to Ma, “It’s going to be surprisingly productive.” That’s obviously a nod to and against where LG sees the competition and that’s spelled iPad. It looks like the LG Tablet will be running Android and plans on using NVidia’s Dual Core processor.

The Tablet info comes in an interview where Ma is talking about LG’s smart/super phone plans, admitting that LG is late to the game, but they plan on being very aggressive when they start rolling out devices later this year. LG’s estimates are being called conservative, but then Ma says “the race hasn’t started yet.” I think he just started it.

Via Electronista