LG V20 Release Rumors Confirmed

Last year out of the blue the LG V10 smartphone was announced and released, following the successful LG G4. Since then users have been waiting for more details about what’s coming in 2016 to replace it, especially after the failed LG G5 earlier this year. A few weeks ago a new device was rumored, but now LG has confirmed the LG V20 with Android 7.0 Nougat is coming soon.

The LG V10 had a big screen, solid build quality, two displays actually, three cameras and a fingerprint sensor. It was essentially one of the best phones we’ve seen from LG and built like a tank. Then the G5 arrived to little success, and we instantly turned our attention to the V-series.

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With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and even the iPhone 7 release dates quickly approaching, LG needs something to take on the competition. That will of course be the LG V20, which LG claims will be the first phone to “ship” with Google’s Android 7.0 Nougat when its announced this September. Read on for more details.


A recent report from ETNews, who has been reliable and accurate in the past, suggested that LG would be bumping up the release of the popular V10 successor to compete with Samsung, Apple and improve sales, and it sounds like that report was correct.

Then last week during LG’s second quarter financial report the company quickly mentioned a new LG V smartphone will be released soon to help with revenue. They didn’t share anything else at the time, which was basically just a teaser until the announcement late last night.

On August 1st LG released a big statement confirming a new LG V20 will be announced in September, and will once again focus on delivering a great multimedia experience. That means likely two screens again, improved audio, great build quality and much more. Not to mention some likely improvements over last years model. The press release also promised this will be the first device to ship (not to run) Android 7.0 Nougat. We’re hearing Google will release Android 7.0 in mid-August, and potential buyers can expect LG’s new phone to be announced and released in September.


As a reminder the LG V10 was announced in October of 2015 and surprised everyone. It was a big feature-packed smartphone with a fingerprint scanner and tons of top-tier specs, stunning sound, and more. The three cameras offered unique features, as did the secondary 2.1-inch display above the main screen on the front. Allowing for quick access to apps, notifications, the clock and other software tricks. We’re hearing something similar but even better will complete the V20.

Once the LG V20 is announced the release date is expected to follow quickly behind it. The goal with this fast release is to compete with the Galaxy Note 7, iPhone 7, and keep LG competitive throughout the rest of 2016.

The modular LG G5 hasn’t sold in high numbers, and the LG V20 could help the company remain competitive as the year comes to a close. LG is also working on a new fingerprint scanner technology that embeds a scanner into the display, rather than a rear or front-mounted physical button. This could be one of many highlights of the new LG 20V smartphone.

With the Galaxy Note 7 release being any day now, LG needs to hurry with the new V20. Now that the announcement has been made, look forward to more details, reports, rumors and leaked information as the release nears. We’ll update once we know more.