Liquipel 2.0 Repels Water in CES Demo

Accidents happen, and when they happen to our expensive smartphones it easily makes us wish there was a way to protect it.

The Liquipel waterproof coating keeps smartphones and tablets in top condition, no matter what the weather or unfortunate mishap is. In order to fully protect your device inside and out, Liquipel applies the specialized coating to the device both on the interior and exterior. It is important that both areas of the phone get covered so that the coating can properly bond to protect the entire device. And with Liquipel 2.0 the process is supposed to be even more effective than the previous generation of Liquipel.

Take a look at the demo of Liguipel in action:

Another cool feature that Liquipel is bringing with 2.0 is a greater presence in the retail market. Some malls in California currently have a Liquipel booth, and Liquipel says that they will be adding more retail locations soon. In terms of pricing, the cost for the Liquipel process on your phone is $59.95 for each device, and $79.95 for each tablet.

The process usually takes only 20-30 minutes. It’s better to have this done at a mall rather than having to send your device in and wait for it to return, and when this process is completed Liquipel offers a lifetime protection guarantee.

It is also worthy to note that some devices, such as headphones, can be pre-treated with the coating even before going on sale. In the video they demonstrated this by taking a treated pair of Bluetooth headphones and tossing them into the water. After being in the water for a while they were removed and worked just as well as before.

One last warning is that while the coating works very well, it is not intended to be used underwater consistently, or also put to any other extreme tests.

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