LogMeIn Ignition 50% Off for iPhone, iPad and Android for Back to School

If you need to connect to your Windows or Mac notebook or desktop from your phone or tablet, LogMeIn Ignition delivers a simple solution.

Right now, the LogMeIn Ignition App is available for 50% off for the iPad and iPhone from the iTunes store, bringing the price down to $14.99.

LogMeIn has also cut the price of LogMeIn Ignition for Android phones and tablets by 50%, to $14.99.

The Back to School LogMeIn deal is live right now, but is only up for a limited time.

Once you purchase the LogMeIn app for your phone or tablet, you don’t need to pay any monthly or annual fees to connect to your computer from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

LogMeIn Ignition App logo

In order to connect, you will need to install a small program on your Windows or Mac computer, which allows you to connect and remotely control your computer. The service gets around most home firewalls and corporate network issues that can make remote desktop solutions tricky for the average user.

If you are a student, this makes it easy to remote into your computer and email yourself a forgotten file, or view a program that isn’t available on your phone or tablet.

I use LogMeIn on my parent’s computers, so that I can connect and troubleshoot their problems no matter where I am. Being able to see their screen cuts troubleshooting in half, and makes it easier on everyone involved.

Unfortunately you need to purchase LogMeIn once on each platform, but that means you can get LogMeIn on your Android phone and your iPad for a combined total of $30.

If you need to know more about LogMeIn, check out our review of the LogMeIn Ignition App for the iPad.