Madden 17: 11 Things Gamers Need to Know

Madden 17 is the new 2016 NFL game from EA Sports. This is everything you need to know about the Madden 17 release date, the Madden 17 gameplay that shows off the new Madden 17 features and shows what the game looks like.

The Madden 17 release date arrived on August 23rd and you can now play Madden 17 on Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360. The game is available as a download and on disc with many Madden 17 deals cutting $12 or more off the price — but if you buy on Amazon one of the deals is about to expire.

There is also a special Madden 17 Xbox One bundle that includes the new Xbox One S and Madden 17 for $349.99.

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You can buy Madden 17 digitally or on disk. There are two versions listed on GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon and there are three versions on the Xbox Store and PSN.

Be aware of Madden 17 problems that you may run into as you start to play, and what you can do to fix them. For some gamers it makes sense to wait for the first Madden 17 patch or update to really get into the game.

EA boasts that this is the culmination three year’s worth of work on Madden with the goal of delivering a better game to players. While the game is not on Frostbite this year like FIFA 17 and it does not contain a My Journey mode yet, a Madden 17 designer teases that Frostbite is coming and that there may be something like My Journey in Madden down the road.

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Is Madden 17 more than just a roster update as complainers often allege? After a week of play this is clearly a different Madden than you’re used to playing. Read our Madden 17 review for more details.

Take control of the biggest stars using new controls and AI to win in Madden 17.

Take control of the biggest stars using new controls and AI to win in Madden 17.

Madden 16 is free to play with an EA Access membership, which is the same plan that will allow you to play a Madden 17 trial on Xbox One before you buy.

Here are the important Madden 17 details that you need to know about right now

Madden 17 Release Date

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Madden 17 Release Date

The Madden 17 release date arrived on August 23rd on a disk and digitally. There is no exclusive on the actual Madden 17 release date or on updates that will sway which console you purchase it on, which is good news for many gamers.

The Madden 17 release time arrived at 12:01 AM Eastern / 9:01 PM Pacific (Monday) digitally and there were midnight Madden 17 release date events. 

The Madden 17 download is about 25GB and will take some time to complete. 

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