Magstand2 for iPad 2 can mount your ‘Pad upside down

I’m not sure if this idea is brilliant or stupid, but either way, it’s making my iPad accessory envy flare up like the opening scene of Star Trek. Behold, the Magstand2, a magnetic mount from Macally that allows an iPad 2 to stick to the underside of a cabinet, ideal for sticking an iPad 2 in the kitchen.

Taking advantage of the magnetic side of the iPad 2, which allows their Smart Cover to adhere to the tablet, the Magstand2 promises to make that tablet defy gravity. It also works right-side up to create a more secure desk mount for your iPad 2. I imagine it should also work as a side mount on a wall. Paired with a Bluetooth-equipped, AirPlay-enabled, or Airport Express-attached stereo, it could help create a pretty rockin’ media system.

Personally, I wouldn’t trust this without seeing a demo or specs on the magnets. I love using magnets to hold things up. We have a pair on our front door to hold up decorations. Those magnets work through a half inch of glass to hold up several pounds of stuff. I would trust those magnets to hold up an iPad without fear of accidentally knocking it loose. The Magstand2 not so much, but if Macally posts a video of this thing gripping an iPad like my cat to the carpet on vet day, they will definitely drive my iPad accessory envy up another notch.