Make It Stop: Now The Apple Tablet Rumors Suggest Two Tablets

Make it stop! Make it stop! Consensus seemed to be settling in on the fact that there would not be an Apple Tablet announced in a few weeks and that we’d have to wait until next year. Just like the Chicago Cubs.

Now, based on more speculation by Business Week those who can’t wait until Apple finally releases a Tablet of some sort are now speculating that there is not one, but two Apple Tablets a brewing.

One is listed as a six inch device running the iPhone OS and the other features “a larger display” and probably will run the full Apple OSX.

Of course the rumor mill is grinding full steam and speculation is that the smaller Tablet, that is really just a large iPod Touch and can’t be called a Tablet will be announced on September 9 when word is that there will be no Tablet announced. But since it isn’t a Tablet… well, you get the drift.

Make it stop!