Microsoft Claims People Don’t Use Tabs in Mobile Browsing

In justifying some of the changes made to its Mobile Internet Explorer browser–version 9–coming on Windows Phone 7 Mango, Microsoft did its research and finds that people don’t use tabs when browsing on a mobile device.

With the Windows Phone 7 Mango software update, Microsoft moved the address bar on Internet Explorer 9 Mobile, hid the tabs option in the menus setting rather than make it readily accessible next to the address bar, and also ported the same IE 9 desktop engine to the mobile browser.

With IE9 Mobile, Microsoft claims that you’ll have faster rendering, improved graphics thanks to hardware acceleration, and better HTML 5 support.

For instance, now you can watch YouTube videos in the browser now rather than go through the app, according to Microsoft.

While the IE9 engine may be the most significant change, the most visible change is that the option to open new pages, or tabs, in IE9 Mobile is now hidden under the menu option rather than be a one-click visible option as it was pre-Mango.

According to Microsoft, the move allows Windows Phone 7 to focus on content, not the chrome around the browser, and highlights the website. You can read more about the design decisions on the Windows Phone blog.