Microsoft Getting Slammed for Windows 7 Launch Party Video

The long knives are out criticizing Microsoft’s Windows 7 Launch Party concept, and while some of the criticism is justified, I think most of the snark is missing the point. On its surface the idea looks pretty silly to me, but I don’t think Microsoft is trying to speak to me here. I think Microsoft is aiming for anybody but geeks with this launch concept. Critics are also jumping on the “how to do a Launch party video” that just got released. There is plenty to criticize in that as well (the direction of the video is horrendous), but again, I think Microsoft is aiming at a much lower common denominator type of target than bloggers and geeks.

I’ve been a huge critic of Microsoft’s marketing approach for years and still am. I find this concept a waste of resources just like many of the campaigns that Microsoft has launched. That said, I witnessed two decidedly non-geeks see these videos last night (I actually put it in front them) and both thought the party idea was a great idea but that the ad was sub-par. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out when launch day rolls around.