Microsoft Looking to Capitalize on Recent Android Malware Incident

Jabbing its rival while its down, Microsoft is exploiting Google’s publicized malware problem with Android market to get people to switch to Windows Phone in the latest Droid Rage campaign. This is at least Microsoft’s second campaign on social site Twitter to attract users to the company’s Windows Phone platform, asking users to share their stories of malware with a chance to win one of twenty Windows Phone smartphones.

In a tweet, Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph asked users to share their stories, but did not specify which Windows Phone models will be offered up as prizes.

This campaign is a follow-up to a prior malware incident on Android–that campaign received over 3,000 entries to win Microsoft’s phones.

Despite the highly publicized recent malware that could potentially affect over 5 million Android users, recent reports suggest that the Symantec publication was overblown.

Via: WP Central