Microsoft Officially Launches Office 365: Office Apps for Business in the Cloud

Microsoft is holding all sorts of events today to trumpet its release of Office 365 today. Office 365 is the business and Enterprise cloud solution aimed at those businesses who want to have their employees working and collaborating in the Cloud. Office 365 offers Office Apps, Sharepoint Online, Exchange Online, and Lync Online. There is a monthly subscription fee for each user from each business that is using the Cloud services. The prices range from $2 to $27 per user and Microsoft’s Press Release says that a user can be up and running for $6 a month.

This push into the Cloud from Microsoft has been coming for sometime and there are a quite a few businesses that have been working with Microsoft in the Beta period, leading up to the launch, and I’m sure Microsoft is counting on many of its long standing customers to move into the Cloud with Office 365. But the release raises questions that center on Microsoft’s long standing Enterprise strategies and how well those strategies will transition to the Cloud, given the alternatives that are already out there.

You can read Microsoft’s full press release here.